Tap Transcend: Rebirth, build your own universe

Aug 4, 2016

Tap Transcend: Rebirth is a clicker/idle type game with a twist: strategic turn-based combat.

You will start Tap Trascend: Rebirth off with nothing – an empty void of space. Before you know it, you will have created the elements, a planet, a civilization, and eventually an arsenal of spacecraft to explore space.

The target audience for the game would be anyone that enjoys games as it is easy enough to start by anyone, and complex enough to have the most hardcore gamers trying to get each next upgrade. Its competitors would be the main idle games in the AppStore such as Tap Titans, Adventure Capitalist and Egg, Inc. to name a few. Since the game is not purely a clicker game, it has turn-based combat too, it could compete with space strategy games such as Star Wars: Heroes of the Galaxy.

The way Tap Transcend: Rebirth stands out is that it combines these two genres of gameplay for the first time into one app. The two aspects are closely intertwined as the resources to build your spacecraft will come from the idle part of the game as well as being victorious in intense space battles.

The core team of the app has two people that design and develop the application. This puts a limit on the resources and manpower they have available, but Inner Hero truly believes in hard work. The main strength in the app is the scalability. The framework has been built in a way that there is an endless list of content. The developers plan to take full advantage of this fact and the first big update is coming soon.

Tap Transcend: Rebirth Game Play – Thibaut De Bock

subscribe : https://www.youtube.com/c/PlayAppTube app store : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tap-transcend-rebirth/id1077959856?mt=8 Build a universe like never before, and it all starts with a tap. Tap Transcend: Rebirth is an idle/clicker style game with a twist: PvP. Help your universe unfold by tapping and battling your way through 150 story levels or against other players.

The game boasts an endless list of things to do that all starts with your first tap. You can transcend an infinite amount of times, and will get to choose a valuable artifact with each transcend. There are currently ten spaceships to collect and level up. Each ship has five equippable slots for gear that you can further upgrade. There is a story map with 50 missions having 3 difficulty settings each. On top of that, there is an active PvP ranking system with daily rewards that keeps players battling for the top ranks.

Tap Transcend: Rebirth is a free game with some in-app purchases. There are banner ads that can be removed and video advertisements for some bonus perks. There are several tap multipliers and currency multipliers that can be bought along with the usual virtual currency exchange in-app purchases. There is also an in-game code-redemption system where free in-game currency are given out on several websites frequently including Facebook page and toucharcade.com. 

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