Jan 30, 2012

While there are a lot of apps out there to learn salsa, tango is not quite so popular in the app world. That said, here’s some great apps to learn to tango!

Dancing Terms

Do you want to know the different terms for all of your dance moves? While terms seems like a disconnect from the actual act of dancing by learning what is named you also begin to learn about what is important in dance. While not specific to tango this app will certainly help you get your tango groove on.


DanceApp Tango Starter

This app can eventually go beyond tango but it will give you a firm foundation with all sorts of tools to get you started in the tango. From videos to tips to a glossary of terms this app covers everything.


Tango Lesson

From the Ballroom Dance channel this app will get you started with the basics so you can move on to more advanced moves.


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