“T” is for Thanksgiving

Nov 23, 2011

Enjoy these apps that begin with the letter “T.”

Turbo Duck

Using the accelerometer in your phone, help the duck to collect as many flags as possible. Great for Kids. Fun!


Trivia Tunes – Music Quiz of Radio Hits Songs – Free

This is the most awesome Name That Tune app of all time and most of the tunes are free, not to mention you can choose between the current top 100, your songs and a general variety. The app plays a snippet of a tune and then gives you a selection of multiple choice answers. The perfect party game. Highly Recommend!


Turtle Island

Tap the blue starfish to change the direction of the turtles, so that they can find each other. I love the island theme of this game and the music is awesome.


ToobTrix Free

Although it took me awhile to learn how to play, the learning curve was worth it. The directions say to manipulate the falling wall pipes to connect any two wall hoses. Sounds simple? It’s a little bit like tetris. And I love the music!


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