May 6, 2010

I try all the synthesizer and sequencers that come to the app store and it’s a jungle in there. seriously.

miniSynth PRO

it’s so AWESOME



also awesome. like minisynth pro, but different flavors. gets really loud be careful. especially with the osc stuff.


Music Studio

it’s like a complete multitrack studio on your phone you figure out why i think that’s cool it also has some cool instrument samples available for download



I’ll tell you why i DIDN’t CHOOSE IT for the longest time– because it’s called THUMBJAM the name completely (for me at least) obscures the possibility that this could be a cool application much less one of the most interesting and intuitive music recording applications in the app store. period.
i still can’t believe they called it ‘thumbjam.’ there has to be something wrong with that i don’t know why



this is a great and easy to use drum machine! although i have to admit even though it offers alot more features it was more in my regular rotation before the update. something about the update alienated me it wasn’t as subconscious to use anymore suddenly i had to think about it– and i HATE THAT!! but really, it’s pretty awesome


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