Swing Dancing Apps

Jan 30, 2012

Ever wanted to swing dance but felt silly taking lessons or giving it a go on your own? Get a feel for the dance before you invest with these apps.

Dancing Terms

Do you want to know the different terms for all of your dance moves? While terms seems like a disconnect from the actual act of dancing by learning what is named you also begin to learn about what is important in dance. While not specific to swing this app will certainly help you get your tango groove on.


Swing Dancing Fun!

OK, so you’re not going to be a swing pro with this app but it will get you started with some basic steps. For most you’ll need a partner so find a friend and get to giving these moves a go. Once you’ve tried these you can see if investing in more swing lessons is in your future.


Learn To Dance Swing

Good app for true dancing beginners and at only $2 not a huge expense if you decide swing isn’t for you.


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