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Nov 30, 2010

Ryan Reynolds was just voted the Sexiest Man of the Year (by People, and I think for not the first time). Who else do I think should be on that list? These pretty, pretty famous people.

SupaFan – Adam Brody Fans

Because I’ve been a fan of him since he was a dorky, comic-book loving, try to be the good guy in the OC. Hot DAMN is he handsome.


SupaFan – Scarlett Johansson Fans

She’s pretty. Like, really really pretty.


SupaFan – Ryan Reynolds Fans

Because this list wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for that studly Canadian.


SupaFan – Ryan Gosling Fans

While we’re on the subject of Ryans, let’s toss this boy-next-door in the mix.


SupaFan – Kate Winslet Fans

I think her face is perfect. She is a stunning woman and a beautiful actress.


SupaFan – Eddie Vedder Fans

Sexiest voice in music. Hands down.


SupaFan – Taylor Lautner Fans

Team Jacob anyone?


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