Sugar Cookies!

Jul 8, 2010

You wouldn’t think there was a holiday for Sugar Cookies but there is. It’s July 9th and if you’re reading this on the day I wrote it that means tomorrow. You have one day to prepare to celebrate. Here’s the apps to help you do just that.

Cookie Recipes

Well of course the first thing you need is Sugar Cookies to celebrate. Get cooking with this cookie specific baking app.


Bake-Guru Cookie Recipes

Even more recipes. You will need to have a lot of cookies to properly celebrate. Having two recipe apps should help you keep up the variety. I’d like one with frosting please!


Cookie Nook

Well loved by reviewers this app wins for cute recipe apps. All cookies, all the time. Yum.


Cookie Bonus Solitaire (Free)

OK, so these cookies look like chocolate chip, not sugar but that’s OK. Sugar cookies are cool with that. They have no ego to offend as they know that they’re delicious. So play a game if you simply can’t eat another cookie.


Diet & Food Tracker by SparkPeople

If you really celebrated you might want to lose some of that extra cookie weight. This is the app to do it. Track your food, track your exercise and get rid of those extra cookie pounds but remember, don’t use this app until July 10th as the 9th is SUGAR COOKIE DAY!


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