Stupid Zombies iPhone game excels with brainy gameplay

Jan 27, 2011

Stupid Zombies, coming out at what appears to be the tail-end of a nearly endless array of zombie-related games, would appear to have the deck stacked against it. After all, what more could we do with zombies? We’ve fought against them, we’ve made our photos look like them, hell, we even plotted war strategies against them using plants.

Then along comes this simple, fun app to remind us that perhaps it wasn’t the zombies that were getting tiresome, but just the games we played with them. Stupid Zombies is stupid simple, putting you, a zombie hunter, in a room with several zombies. Both you and the zombies remain stationary throughout, but you have a shotgun filled with bullets that can pass through zombies and bounce around most of the game’s environments. Each level gives you five shots to eliminate the zombies in the room.

Stupid Zombies 1 – New Look

The same great game in an shiny new package! We completely revamped the look and feel of the game, with colorful new environments and characters.

This simple premise is executed perfectly. After a few basic levels spent getting the hang of things, you’ll be playing a game that feels like the act of making trick shots in pool: essentially trying to discover the oddest path you can give a bullet to take out the most zombies. There isn’t a much better feeling than mowing through a row of the undead, watching your bullet ricochet off the adjacent wall, and angle upward to nail the next row.

The sense of satisfaction achieved from a great shot is made greater by the reaction of the zombies. Their heads can be blown clean off on a good shot, and they have a rag-doll feel to them, so sending them flailing and flying about looks as good as it feels.

The biggest downside to the game, if it has one at all, is the lack of additional weaponry. Unlike Angry Birds, where the player has to learn how to best manipulate the growing array of birds, you won’t get to try out different guns in Stupid Zombies.

Aside from that, with more than 200 levels to complete, Stupid Zombies is more than enough game for the price. If you’re into zombies or puzzle/action games, it would be worth it to take a bite out of this app.

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