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Jun 21, 2016

There is a plethora of mobile apps that cover mythology and religion available that vary from kid-friendly to review for higher grade levels. With these seven selections, students will learn about mythology from diverse cultural perspectives including Christianity, Judaism, Islam and ancient civilization.

The Big Myth ($3.99)

Very few iOS apps permit learners to encounter and embrace cultural diversity. The Big Myth iPad app covers a cadre of cultural origin stories and mythologies, from Australian Aborigines to the Zulu of South Africa, through flash animations paired with polished audio narration. Students can select from Myths, Cultures, Exercises, or view a list of gods and goddesses–specific to the highlighted culture–in the Pantheon. We highly recommend teachers visit the official website, and perhaps purchasing the CD-ROM component, to see the best ways for implementing The Big Myth into their classroom.

Bible for Kids (Free)

The Bible for Kids app posits an interactive experience over one that is overtly intellectual or dryly educational. The app begins with, well, In The the Beginning with the world’s creation according to the King James Bible. This app is certainly aimed at preschoolers,  and they will love tapping on animals and watching playful animations. The narrator guides children through Bible lessons, and they can answer questions that pop up along the way. Parents will need to download additional stories, like The First Sin, Noah’s Ark, or the birth of Jesus.

Bible (Free)

For those who are not kids anymore, the same developer released Bible for iPhone. The app includes hundreds of Bible versions in dosens of languages. Additionally, it provides some extra features: with its social functions, your thoughts can be shared with your friends and other users. You can bookmark, highlight and customise the appearence of the app.

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PocketTorah (Free)

PocketTorah is a very simple application boasting a succinct design. With this app students can study the tenants of the Torah and Haftarah in Hebrew and English. Upon launching PocketTorah, users can select from a List of Torah Readings or This Week’s Torah Reading, all of which are accompanied by serviceable audio guidance (just for the Hebrew). Students can adjust the font size with a nifty slider in the settings section. PocketTorah is 100 percent free, so everyone interested in learning about the Torah and Judaism should download the app and its 400-plus megabytes.

The Voyage of Ulysses ($3.99)

Odysseus’ (Ulysses to the Romans) journey from the Trojan battlefield to his kingdom in Ithaca is a well-traveled mythological narrative. The Voyage of Ulysses presents the story with striking visuals and a crafted interactive interface. Students aid the King of Ithaca persevere through obstacles, all outlined with original drawings on a map. The Voyage of Ulysses is totally unique, as the user performs all of the story’s actions by tapping the screen.

GCSE Religious Studies (Free)

A fantastic study guide for high schoolers, GCSE Religious Studies app presents multiple choice questions for Christianity and Islam. GCSE stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education, which is the UK equivalent to the General Education Development (GED) tests in the United States. The app presents a combination of 10 questions in each of the syllabus sections, including some repeated questions that were answered incorrectly in past rounds. The one drawback for this app is that there is no formal or informal instruction, so students will have to consult external primary sources of religious texts. Overall, the GCSE Religious Studies app gives high school students the tools they need to prepare for college level critical thinking.

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A Guide to Greek Mythology ($0.99)

A Guide to Greek Mythology was authored by Riven Barton who is an expert in mythic and archetypal symbology. The app targets high school and College students learning Greek Mythology. This application will help to be familiar with Greek myths, heroes and related topics. Flash cards and chapter tests makes this app pretty interactive.

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