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May 11, 2010

I’m a mom of two boys, under six, and a big supporter of edutainment for kids!

A Day in New York City with Kids by StoryBoy

This is a great travel book for kids. It introduces you to the sights and sounds of a New York City and is really cool if you’re planning a trip to the city with the kids because it gives them some ideas of what they can see and do. And there’s a free app that complements this story and gives you more ideas on things to do in NYC!


What’s for Dinner? A 3 Little Pigs Sequel by StoryBoy

My kids love this because it’s a sequel to the 3 Little Pigs, which they adore. I don’t think there are any other sequels out in the app store and this one has such a sweet ending with the pigs and the wolves becoming friends.


How To Train Your Dragon Mix & Match Book

My five-year-old is on a dragon craze ever since we watch the “How to train your dragon” movie. I was going to buy this book at the bookstore for him but when I saw the app I decided that it was a better deal and would be a little more portable than the printed version! It works just as well and has sound effects!


pocket story – The Smelly Sprout

This is a really fun Christmas story and we love the narration and the animation.


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