Stick to your New Year Resolutions with These Apps!

Dec 31, 2010

I am really great at keeping my New Year Resolutions … for 2 weeks. I’ve been searching for apps to keep me on track this year and here are some that look promising!

Home fitness workouts. Motion-based exercise tracking – train and reach goals with friends

This app not only gives you some simple excercise workouts that you can easily incorporate into your busy day, but also gives you a support network with fitfu friends keeping you on track. Well designed and well thought out!


Lose It! – Weight Loss Program and Calorie Counter

This is well made calorie counter that will automatically add up the calories you consume. Even if it doesn’t actively make you diet, it makes you aware of what you are eating which is a good thing if you are trying to trim down!



My top resolution is always to take more pictures! This app is perfect because it takes mundane pictures and makes them instant nostalgia, you can share your photos with friends on your social network of choice and it makes taking pictures actively fun. Ten thumbs up!!


Momento Classic

In keeping with my resolution to record life this app is a great e- diary that I can depend on having with me everywhere I go. A must for 2011!


Night Stand HD – Alarm Clock

This is essentially just a spiffy alarm clock, but if you have procrastinating issues such as I do, this is a great way to keep you working in your time slots rather than looking up before and after pictures of celebrity plastic surgery. Don’t judge!

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