Steve’s Simulation Games

Apr 28, 2010

These games simulate life.

The Sims 3

Amazing virtual world. Graphics are very nice.


SimCity™ Deluxe

The original city building game.


Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City

Run the lives of a small group of people lost on an island. Try all 3 games.


Build-a-Lot 2: Town of the Year

Fun real estate game.


Civilization Revolution

Build your empire and rule the world.


The Settlers

A great building/conquering game. But be prepared – it’s not for casual gamers. This game requires dedication.



Based on the PC/Console classic game. This is empire building of a different style.


Virtual City (Full)

Like Sim City but much easier.


Tradewinds® 2

Great trading / pirate game.


Game Dev Story

Create your own games.


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