Steve’s Net Util Apps

Apr 27, 2010

These are network utility apps that I use for wifi and network discovery/diagnostics.

WiFiFoFum (WiFi Scanner)

Best app to scan for Wifi. Currently banned from App store.


Joe’s Network Utility

Great network utility. Has Ping, trace, DNS lookup, Wifi scan. Currently banned from App store.


Network Diagnostics Utility Pro

Same as Joe’s Network Utiltiy (same author) but lacking Wifi scan. This is the non-banned version.


Scany – network scanner

Fantastic port scan/discovery tool.



Test network speed. Works on Wifi or 3G/Edge.


Subnet Calc

Calculate network subnets.



Do a visual traceroute to see where on the map each hop is located.



Check if selected ports on selected servers are responding.


iNetwork Utility

Great multipurpose utility.


MyRoutersPro (SSH+Telnet+Ping+Traceroute)

Fantastic way to manager your routers.


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