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Apr 27, 2010

I love music. These apps let me listen to or identify music I like.

Pandora – Free Music & Radio

This is the ultimate way to listen to music you like. Just enter an artist or song and you’ll get music that matches your taste.


Slacker Radio

Great music by genre. Songs play one after another. This is very similar to Pandora.


ooTunes Radio – Recording and Alarm Clock!

This app tunes into tons of radio stations and lets you do advanced things such as tag songs, get lyrics, record audio. Very powerful.


TuneIn Radio Pro – Stream MLB, NHL, NFL, Audiobooks, News, Talk, Podcasts & Music

Similar to ooTunes but not quite as powerful. My favorite feature is being able to browse/search for talk shows that are currently on.


Top 100s by Year

Listen to the top 100 sounds in any year back to 1947. This is truly great for finding songs your forgot about or discovering music you didn’t know existed.


SoundHound ∞ hands-free with “OK Hound” | Search, Discover and Play Music

This app lets you identify songs. You can search by having the app listen to the songs, you can speak/hum, or you can type in a title/artist.


ClickOnRadio Pro

See what’s on the radio (locally or in other cities). Some stations can be streamed. You can see two hours worth of songs on each station.


AOL Radio

Great free radio app. Let’s your tag songs you like.


AccuRadio – Free Music Radio

Similar to Slacker Radio but this app has more channels and lets you skip as much as you want. On the downside it has audio commercials and lower sound quality.


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