Steve’s iPad Photo Apps

Jul 20, 2010

These are apps that let you work with your photos.

Photogene ⁴

Great all around photo editing on the iPad.



Another great photo editing app.


Color Splash for iPad

Really cool effect for photos. Make a photo black and white and then bring back the color on selected areas.


BlueCam – Premium Edition

Take pictures on iPhone and automatically have them stored on iPad at the same time.



Transfer photos/contacts between iPad, Iphone, etc.


ArtStudio for iPad – Draw Sketch and Paint

Fantastic photo edit app similar to photoshop (but much easier).



Great photo edit app.


Photo fx Ultra

Create some amazing photo effects.


Cinq for iPad

Amazing app. You can see all the photos on your PC (that you choose) and then turn around and share them on Facebook for Twitter. And you can browse all pics on your friends Facebook accounts. A MUST HAVE.


Web Albums HD for Picasa and Google Photos

View your Picasa web albums.


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