Steve’s iPad News apps

Jul 20, 2010

These are great news apps for the iPad.

Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine

Really sweet app to view Twitter/Facebook feeds. And it’s free.


BBC News

News from the British Broadcasting Corp.


ScoreCenter for iPad

Great for sports fans.


Pulse News for iPad: Your News, Blog, Magazine and Social Organizer

Fun graphical RSS reader. I like NewsRack better but this is more fun for feeds that have thumbnails.


MobileRSS HD ~ Google RSS News Reader

Great RSS reader. Also syncs with Google Reader. Supports both iPad and iPhone.


World NewsStand ★

Tons of world newspapers. Best of all you can create custom links.


Engadget for iPad: Tech news covering the world of consumer electronics

Tech news galore.


Pocket: Save Articles and Videos to View Later

View articles you’ve flagged from other apps (such as NewsRack).



Political news.


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