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Apr 27, 2010

Here’s a list of apps that let you store files (text, photo, audio and video) on your iPhone. You can then view (and sometimes edit) the files.

Files Pro : Document & PDF Reader

Store any type of file (text, photo, music, video) and view it later. This app has password protection, file management and a built in web browser that lets you download into the app directly.



This supports different document types but what makes it special is the ability to edit/create Word and Excel files. This app includes password protection and integration with Google Docs.


GoodReader for iPhone

This is marketed as a text/pdf file viewer but it also serves as a general file storage app. It has password protection, file management and a built in web browser.


ezShare Pro

This app lets you connect to many type of network shares (Windows shares, FTP and web storage sites – including Google Docs). This app also includes Remote Desktop and VNC viewing.


eWallet – Password Manager and Secure Storage Database Wallet

This is a great app to store private info such as passwords and financial info. You can also sync with your PC.


Docs To Go Premium

Edit Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents. View other doc types. Sync with Dropbox, and Google Docs. Also supports iPad.


PrintCentral for iPhone/iPod Touch

Print almost anything from your iPhone.


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