Stay Up-To-Date on Humanitarian Issues with Four ReliefWeb Apps Brought to you by the United Nations

Nov 22, 2016

Unfortunately, our world is far from being peaceful as wars are fought all around the globe, serving as fertile soil for horrifying injustices, unspeakable acts of cruelty, and full-fledged humanitarian crises. Fortunately, our world is also full of kind, generous souls ready to help the meek of warn-torn countries and those living in areas struck by catastrophic natural disasters. If you happen to be one of the aforementioned kind souls, these four United Nations apps focusing on all aspects of humanitarian issues should definitely be on your iPhone.

The aim of the quartet of ReliefWeb applications recently issued by the United Nations is to provide an in-depth look on the world’s many humanitarian crises and issues with curated articles, charts, infographics, detailed situation reports, the most relevant videos, and a job search app for those ready to put their time and energy into the efforts of trying to make the world a better place by helping those most in need.

The first among the four apps, the ReliefWeb Headlines app, specializes in delivering updates on the key humanitarian developments unfolding across the world. ReliefWeb Headlines allows you to personalize the content that appears on your newsfeed based on the countries or topics that interest you the most. RW Headlines sends notifications whenever a new event unfolds and initiates coverage, it is up to you to decide whether the humanitarian issue at hand interests you or not. You can also save reports and lead them later, and export and share them via social media.

The second app in line, ReliefWeb Crises, gives you a detailed, in-depth overview of the most pressing humanitarian crises with an assortment of curated articles and informative charts and infographics, displaying, for instance, the number of people in need and the number of people targeted for assistance.

The third app of the ReliefWeb family, ReliefWeb Jobs, is a job search app focusing on humanitarian and development openings available worldwide. RW Jobs gives you instant access to a database of comprehensive job postings, and allows you to narrow down your searches with filters such as location, keywords, job title, and required experience level. You can save your search criteria and set up notifications when new jobs fitting your preferences are posted. If you know someone that would be a perfect candidate for a given position, you can always share a job postings via email or various social media channels.

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The fourth app, ReliefWeb Videos, brings you humanitarian videos from more than 300 worldwide sources. The videos include interviews, news reports, discussions, documentaries and many more, and cover all humanitarian issues and crises that those working or volunteering for the United Nations and fellow organizations are dealing with every single day. With the ReliefWeb Videos app, you can browse channels by theme, country, and organization, and also save your favorite videos and share them via social media. Even if your chosen profession does not allow you to contribute to a good cause and you are not planning on becoming a volunteer, either, staying up-to-date on humanitarian issues is still highly recommended – if for nothing else, at least to remind you how fortunate you are and that you can always do more to help those in need.

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