Spring Cleaning!

Apr 13, 2012

Great apps for the annual cleanup. And perhaps they’ll keep you motivated in keeping things in order.

Good Housekeeping @Home

This app is amazing for cleaning tips, especially how to get tough stains out of couches and carpets. Bust some stains!


Home Inventory

Most adults accumulate a lot of items in a fiscal year. It’s best to keep track of them in case of an emergency.


Clean Freak Cleaning Schedule

Know your cleaning priorities and stick to a schedule with the help of a weekly to-do list.


Chore Pad

With Chore Pad, you can get other members of your household involved.


EggDrop – The Smarter Neighborhood Marketplace

During spring cleaning, you’re bound to find things you no longer need. EggDrop is a great tool for selling things without the hassle of a garage sale.


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