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Dec 28, 2010

im a special needs teacher in nyc. i recently bought the iPad because one of my student’s with speech and fine motor challenges brought one in to use in the classroom. it then became a mission of mine to find the right apps for him and other special needs students.

Puppet Pals HD

Fun, engaging, and interactive way for story making. While students do not write or read their stories, the program is a fun and interactive means to introduce elements of story making. For most students language is the first and easiest medium for communication. The program allows students to create individual scenes with multiple characters and create audio recordings of each scene. It took some practice for me to learn how to use the program but children from as young as five can choose one scene and a few characters to create a whimsical tale. Older children can use more advanced story making features and select from a range settings and characters to create more complex story plots.


Story Patch

Good app for the introductory writer who needs help organizing stories. Children can use the question prompts to help create their story or create a story on their own. The app then creates multiple pages of text. Children then add pictures to complete their story.



Good program for creating multiple journals for multiple subjects. Students can also insert images from their collection to pages. Too bad the iPad gen 1 Doesn’t have it’s own camera- this would make it even more useful for copying down diagrams from the board or from readings.


Dragon Dictation

I love this program. I use it for a range of things but i use it for students with dyslexia who have a vivid imagination that outpaces their ability to put it on paper. When content and ideas are more important than handwriting, this is the app to use for speech to text.

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