SpeakEasy voice recorder a one-trick pony

Aug 29, 2009

The SpeakEasy Voice Recorder iPhone app has just one trick. It’s a good trick, but it may not be enough to merit the $1.99 price.

If you would like to have your voice recordings downloaded automatically to your computer, this is the app for you. Otherwise, your pre-installed iPhone recorder app could serve you just as well.

The problem with the app is that if you want to send a voice message using e-mail, you must first download your voice recordings using SpeakEasy Connect, available for free at www.zarboo.com. The program will download voice recordings whenever your iPhone syncs with your computer. Once downloaded, you can e-mail your voice recording from your computer.

The SpeakEasy Voice Recorder interface is slick. As advertised, the buttons are large (a plus for someone with big thumbs like me). All the same, when I compared the quality of recording with the iPhone-installed recorder, there was no discernible difference.

To make this app more usable, its developer Zarboo must teach the app another trick: Sending voice recordings by e-mail directly from the iPhone.

SpeakEasy Voice Recorder
SpeakEasy Voice Recorder
Price: $1.99
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