Space journey at home

Sep 5, 2016

The lovers of the sky are indulged in a growing selection of different sky scrutinizing applications. Among these Star Chart occupies a prominent place. Although, at first sight it provides a less spectacular experience as its main rival, the Stellarium, the modest appearance hides an unfailing source of information about celestial objects.

Have you ever wondered what was the name of this or that bright star or nebula in the night sky? How far is it? What matter it consists of? How it looks like at close range? Could it provide a similar environment, appropriate for life, as our star, the Sun? With this exciting program, you can get all the answers to these questions and much more. I don’t count myself among the zealot sky-observers, but I find this application really engaging.

The Star Chart shows you everything. As it locates the celestial objects by GPS calculation, you can use it even during the day! By the same way, it shows the stars and constellations which otherwise would be bellow the horizon.

The Star Chart is omniscient. Ok, maybe it’s not omniscient, but as far as an everyday person – as I myself – is concerned, it has satisfied my curiosity eminently. But I’m sure that even users with solid scientific background can profit from it.

There’s a vast, ever growing database – including the Messier catalogue- which contains abundant information about stars, planets, constellations, and other residents of heaven. If you wish so, the application depicts many constellations based on the beautiful classical artworks of the astronomer Johannes Hevelius.

The viewpoint is absolutely dynamic, so you can focus in or out on a sky region or a celestial object. You can also set your current location, which enables you to view the night sky of eg. Nigeria or Kuvait. The application automatically adjusts the viewpoint to the position of your device, so you can scrutinize the sky while lying on the grass or in your bed.

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The software also supports voice control, so you can travel the space by simple commands, like „Go to the Mars” or „Show me the Moon”.

Make a space journey in the Solar System to a location of your choice! The beautiful cutting-edge 3D visual effects conjure you away from the Earth to the planets around the Sun.
But this is not all. There is a „time-traveling function”, that is, you can see the night sky as it would have looked like tens of thousands years ago or after our date. That’s what I call a real space adventure.
If you are an amateur astronomer, Star Chart provides you with a function, which signals the upcoming celestial events, as meteor-showers, conjunctions, eclipses etc.. You can also follow the trek of a comet or the phases of the Moon.

There are some annoying bugs in the application as the occasional crashes when you select an object to focus upon and sometimes when you change the view-angle the the screen re-calibrate slowly or not at all. Besides these I have nothing to say against this impressive software.

Star Chart brings together the state of the art astronomical knowledge with eye catching display and highly interactive functionality. So, if you often look at the night sky, longing for answers, this program will mesmerize you for sure. But I recommend this program to everyone, independently of age, sex and education who’s looking for unique experiences and inexhaustible source of interesting facts. You can have all the knowledge of Astrology in your pocket and become a star-gazer yourself.

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