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Sep 25, 2010

If you’re a fan of games and the cosmos, be sure to try out these apps!


The Rocket-ship and the enemies are very straightforward. There is nothing fancy about Space Deadbeef, but it’s still fun to play. If you’re into space games, you will enjoy this very simple shoot ’em up game. Although, when you have the game on the fastest setting, it does become quite difficult.


Galaxy On Fire™ 3D Lite

I love this game! The graphics and navigation are fairly complex and you do feel like you are having a 3D experience because of how you can control the rocket-ship to move through space. It’s really trippy! The goal is to shoot the green, red, and yellow targets to move on to the next levels, gain loot, and weapons. The choice of controls is also phenomenal. You can choose touch controls, accelerometer controls, and you can change the sensitivity of both. You can also choose between inverted and regular control for navigation. I like the inverted controls because it makes flying the rocket-ship feel more realistic. Highly Recommend!


Bombardiers Guild FREE

Use the cannon and the gears to shoot a clear path to the enemy cannon. Avoid hitting planets! The narrative, graphics, and music in this game make it interesting. Fun!


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