Jul 5, 2010

“Soundwalks are audio tours that use the cityscape as a backdrop for fiction, like in a movie. You go for a one-hour walking tour through a neighborhood guided by the voice of a local personality. . . . You discover back doors, secret places and neighborhood residents.” I chose these particular Soundwalks because each of them has a unique and different vibe.


Soundwalk is a mystery audio tour where you are immersed in the life of the narrator as they lead you through their city via their eyes and their lives. You discover the importance of the journey as you move through the cityscape taking in the sounds, sights, and locations.
Depending on the city, there is a biography of the narrator, a synopsis of the journey and recommended times to start the adventure. Just listen to your iphone and let the narrator and maps do the rest. Choices include neighborhoods in Paris and New York. I wish there was one for Los Angeles! Oh, and you really feel like the soundtrack is the soundtrack to your life.


Soundwalk NYC Bronx Hip Hop (EN – coupon)

Let the Original Jazzy Jay guide you through his hood and to a Jam. Eat at his favorite restaurants and experience the sites and sounds of the Bronx with his music and commentary. A low key, well paced journey through the Bronx. It’s amazing how well I feel like I know him now.


Soundwalk Paris Pigalle (FR – Coupon)

Lou Doillon takes you on a sultry and sensual journey through the Pigalle neighborhood of Paris. From transvestite hang outs, to old cabarets and underground bars, you really feel as if you are a part of the “scene” with background music that was made just for you.


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