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Aug 17, 2010

Best apps for keeping up to date on social media/tech news and blogs


The authority (it seems) on social media and tech news, this app splits the site up into categories, making it easy to pick and choose the news you want that’s most important to you.



First of all – access to all of the TC sites from one app. Second – simple aggregation of news stories all on one list.



Because I trust my friends and network to provide interesting news as well, and Reeder allows me to keep up with my Google Reader – my RSS feed of choice – from anywhere.



Not a news site exactly, but still full of information, I keep Wikipanion handy to reference anything I need to from something current if I want more information. News article links to the CEO of a company I haven’t heard of? I can use Wikipanion to scope details on some of the story elements.


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