Social Media Apps for the iPad

Dec 6, 2010

Facebook is now the number 1 site on the internet. Chances are you’re already on the Social Networking bandwagon. Here are some go-to social media apps.

Friendly Plus with Ad Blocker

the best Facebook app for the iPad



for all things 140 characters or less


Hootsuite: Schedule Posts for Twitter, Instagram & More

for social media power users Hootsuite allows you to manage multiple social media profiles at once


Tumbleroo for Tumblr

for those who use microblogging site Tumblr


Tumblita for Tumblr

another tumblr posting/management app


MobileRSS Free ~ Google RSS News Reader

for keeping up with all of the blogs you follow



update your WordPress blog(s) on the go


GetGlue for iPad

GetGlue is a social network for movies, tv shows, music, and books. Check-in and rate things to discover new favorites, see what your friends are into, get stickers, and win free stuff.


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