Social Essentials

Feb 6, 2010

Smart phones are the gateway drug into Social Networking. Here are the essential apps for staying connected


The best Twitter app around, great UI, slick search, see nearby tweets, great hashtag support, and will autocomplete some usernames



It’s the world’s largest social network so we’ll call this an obvious choice.



I’ve tried all the push apps on the market and Boxcar is the quickest and most reliable push notification service I’ve found.

In addition they offer features that you can’t find anywhere else: quiet times, multiple services, alert tones and much more.

Easy to setup and tie it to your favorite Twitter app.



If you do any professional networking this app is a must have. Great for quickly adding someone in person



This is the best location best social network around. Create events, collect and drop items, comments, and pics. Beautiful design and much more fun than 4sq.



Share audio bits with twitter and fb. An excellent choice for sharing interview or vocalizing thoughts.


Foursquare – Find Places to Eat, Drink, and Visit

Foursquare is the most popular location based social network in the world. While it doesn’t offer comments and photos like Gowalla it’s a great way to discover people and places.

Use the tips feature frequently!


Ustream Broadcaster

The best live video broadcast app you’ll find.



Pics are part of the social world and this app provides a great way to capture and share amazing photos


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