SMeech – Tech Forum 2011 Recommendations

May 4, 2011

This is for a presentation at Tech Forum 2011.

Easy Chart HD

Ease of use for Elementary!


Dragon Dictation

I have witnessed students who have become much more interested in writing as a result of using this app!


Air Sketch: Interactive Whiteboard and Wireless Presentations

Ability to connect multiple computers to iPad screen.



The best app for teacher resources bar none!


Screens VNC – Control your computer remotely

Most efficient app to connect to your computer!


Sphere – 360º Photography

Unique app that allows for some very creative uses for creative writing and art.


AppStart for iPad (2012 Edition)

The best overall help app out there for learning how to use the iPad proficiently.


Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine

Changes the entire dynamic of social networking and RSS feeds!



Absolutely the easiest panoramic camera app available.


Optiscan QR Code Reader

QR codes have never been easier.


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