Skyline Elementary’s Best iPad Apps

Oct 8, 2010

This is a place for our teachers to share some of their favorite apps with each other. Please feel free to look around.

Dragon Dictation

Free. Text to Speech. Good for all levels, Speech Practice, or in place of typing.


Alphabet Tracing

Free. K-2, Trace the letters of the alphabet


BrainPOP Featured Movie

Free. 2-8, Movie and Tutorial with quiz


Coin Toss – US Edition

Free. K-12, Flip a coin -that’s it.


3D Brain

Free. 3-8, Explore the parts of the brain


Talking Tom Cat for iPad

Free. K-5, You say it, a cat repeats it back to you. Good for speech, or just for fun.


Professor Garfield Cyberbullying

Free. 3-8, A comic book style story on Cyberbullying with activities. There is also one on online safety.


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