Ski to Sea

May 31, 2010

I spent this weekend in Bellingham Washington at the Ski to Sea race. The entire event is insane… cross country ski, downhill ski, run, road bike, canoe, mountain bike and then kayak. The weirdest relay ever!

The great part is that the race promoters have done a pretty good job of being connected. At all the bike races I go to it takes days to update the results. With ski to sea the results are updated almost simultaneously. That’s amazing! And when you’re waiting at the bottom of a leg waiting for your racer to go by it’s extremely helpful to know when you might expect them.

While this years event is over these are the apps you’ll want for next year… the 100 anniversary of the event!

Ski to Sea

I really wasn’t impressed with this app when I first saw it and indeed it is lacking in a few things that would make it much more interesting. A zoomable map and the twitter stream should be pretty easy adds that hopefully will make it into the app for next year. However the app did excel at quickly updating each stage result, helping you plan when you should be at the end of any stage to find your racer. Considering how few results you get at many of these types of sporting events this is well worth having on your phone if you’re going to Ski to Sea next year.


Hootsuite: Schedule Posts for Twitter, Instagram & More

While I use the full paid version the lite version would work fine too. Until the Ski to Sea app gets the twitter feed you’ll want to be watching twitter while at the race too as quite often the tweet stream will be more accurate and quicker on the updates then the more official stream of the race promoters which is what the above app pulls from.

All that said, don’t expect tons of twitter traffic… the race starts well outside of any cell or 3G range so mostly you’re getting information passed along from some other source onto the interwebs.


Foursquare – Find Places to Eat, Drink, and Visit

I don’t know why I get so excited to check in while travelling but I do. Adding and remembering the places I’ve been over the short two days of travel is fun. And who knows, you might find that one of your friends is up at Ski to Sea too!

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You’re going to need to tell your friends how your team did. You’re going to want to post up a picture. You’re going to want Facebook.



I never remember my camera so flickr becomes easy to update with this app as all the pictures are on my phone. Be a part of the event stream by posting and tagging your pictures as you take them!


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