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Oct 6, 2017

With recent hacks that have left the information of millions around the world vulnerable, several apps have been designed to increase security measures as well as privacy. Alternatively, these security measures can be beneficial to browse the internet anonymously so that sites cannot track their activity or access sites that are restricted to their particular region. For this reason, Secure VPN Unlimited FREE, ProxyVPN,&Unblocker is one of the most comprehensive apps available for maximizing security and internet accessibility.

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Although the internet is designed for the democratization of information such as videos, news, and data, the internet service providers (ISP) are able to restrict certain types of content. For example, some YouTube videos may not be available if a user is not in a particular geographical location. To access information that is restricted, the app is one that can mask the location of the user in a few simple steps so that there are no limitations. Upon opening the app, all a user has to do is either click Quick Connection (randomly chooses the origin where the connection will be masked) or Choose Country (where users can choose where they want to appear to be).

Secure VPN Unlimited FREE, ProxyVPN,&Unblocker

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Just as easily as users can connect to any different network, users can also disconnect and get a new one. This ensures that any mechanism that aims to track the activities of a user cannot do so for long. Without any effect on the rates at which the data is uploaded or downloaded, the internet can be used as if it were their own without any significant interruptions. Through integrating an intuitive map, choosing exactly which server to access with hundreds being available from around the world at any given time is extremely easy. Despite the simplicity of the app in terms of usage, it offers a great amount of value for anybody who regularly browses the internet as a way to enhance accessibility and privacy without the need for a great degree of technical knowledge.

Although VPN Unlimited Free is one of the most intuitive and simplest ways to simultaneously increase anonymity and security, largest drawback pertains to the user interface as the frequency at which ads appear hinders the overall experience. This includes the combination of both banner ads as well as full screen interstitial ads that occur once every few minutes. However, the app is one which is free to use and hence this monetization offers the flexibility associated with free usages at the cost of a clean interface. Furthermore, the app can be hidden once the internet is connected to a different server while users browse or watch videos so that the ads have no effect.

As phone users opt for more security and privacy when using the internet, VPN Unlimited Free is one of the free tools available which offers the greatest degree of simplicity. By being able to select one of the hundreds of servers that are open around the world, users can easily mask their true location so that ISPs cannot track their activities and restricted content based on geographic region.

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