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Dec 28, 2010

These apps may gain some insight into your psyche … or they may be simple time-wasters. Either way, you should find yourself raising an eyebrow at some point

We are SO dead ! – Time to Live +

I love opening this app and hearing it count down the seconds of my life. 94,000 to go!
Answer some basic questions to calculate the day you’ll die. I, apparently, won’t quite get half-way through 2043.



iCology Lite

“You are in need of considerate treatment and loving care. You fear the emptiness and solitude of separation.”

Stark, eh?
To get to that conclusion, iCology Lite had me look at nine images and rate them.
What will it tell you?


Where’s Your Life Going?

“You’re in a very comfortable place in your life right now. It’s as if everything – your career, your family, your social life – has fallen right into place.”


Yeah, that’s pretty funny.

Again, all I had to do was identify the choices I’d make in certain scenarios, and the app was able to read me like a book. A science fiction book, obviously.


Fortune Cookie

“Smile. Tomorrow is another day.”

That’s more like it. And more like me.

No configuration required; just open the app.


Handwriting Quizzes Lite

“Wow you’re such an innocent kid – or at least you’re acting like one. You don’t seem to be very experienced.”

That, my friends, is the answer I got to the question: “How good are you in bed?”

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

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How’d the app determine I’m such a lousy lover? I wrote my name with my fingertip.

I’m not touching that one, no pun intended.


Strong Life Test for Women

My best quality, according to this app, is my ability to “find patterns invisible to others”.

This app had the toughest scenarios to respond to and also had the most interesting insights.

Coinkydink? I think not.


Horoscopes by – Daily Horoscopes, Compatibility Readings and More!

“If you stay tuned to the big picture, you won’t lose focus. Progress is certain.”

*That’s* a horoscope?
No, that’s a “well, duh” moment. It killed a few seconds, though.



“The inexperience or foolishness of youth, naivety, immaturity.”

Sounds familiar but I wasn’t asking about my sex life this time, I swear.

At least this app gives me something to reflect on.


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