Silliest iPad Apps

Apr 23, 2010

Looking for some silly things to do with your iPad? Trying to annoy someone or gross them out? Here’s a few apps that will help you do just that!


So, this app might annoy your cat more than it does you. This app plays insanely realistic cat sounds. I’ve had hours of fun making my cat wonder where the heck the “other cat” is…but then he started pouncing on my iPad, and I was even more annoyed than he was. Still, for a quick game or way to interact with your cat, this is a good place to start — even if it is insanely annoying.



You know how some people still set screen savers with inspirational words, inside jokes or silly sayings? This lets you do the same thing with your iPad!


Nasty Sounds

This app is my worst nightmare, namely because I am a total vomit-phobe, and this app lets you create “nasty sounds” like burping, farting and your own recordings! Definitely not safe for the dinner table, but perfect for guys of all ages.


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