Shoot like a real sports shooter in Shooting World Cup – SWC smartphone game

Dec 1, 2016

Shooting World Cup – SWC, a shooting sports simulation was recently published on the Google Play and App Store. The company behind the game is Sight In Games SRL, and we’ve found out that their team is composed of actual top sports shooters and Olympic medalists, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that SWC manages to portray the Olympic discipline air rifle, 10m so well.

The first thing we noticed was a real shooting range feel, complete with a 3D menu-like environment, equipment selection before the actual shooting, score display along with the shooter’s statistics and achievements. The air rifles look just like the real ones used in shooting sports and are extremely well detailed. The game also features all the information about the shooting federations in every country, in case anyone wants to try their hand at shooting sports in the real world, though SWC is a highly realistic representation of shooting sports.

After selecting his/her first air rifle, the player moves on to the shooting part (training mode is highly recommended at first because the game is not easy at all). Rifle sway cannot be influenced and it was traced from actual sports shooters and then recreated in the game. The player’s only task is to keep track of his sights and pull the trigger at the right moment. In order to make the game as realistic as possible, the developers included two-stage triggering which is a feature that all the modern, real-world air rifles have. Without proper use of the two-stage triggering mechanism, the player will likely be unable to score well. It takes around five shots on average to understand how the mechanism works (you can also check out this tutorial video which covers all the basics). Once the player gets a grasp of how the two-stage triggering mechanism works, his/her focus and calmness dictate the rest.

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The player starts off as a beginner and has beginner rifles available, receiving awards for completing achievements at monthly tournaments. The title awards are: good shooter, great shooter and finally, master shooter. Each new title will unlock new, better rifles with less sway and will give the player a better chance at scoring the perfect shot.

In shooting sports, the shots are valued in decimal numbers, and the highest possible score is 10.9. Scoring higher than 10.5 and hearing the audience clap and cheer can really give you a rush of adrenaline.

If you’ve ever tried or practiced shooting sports, or are interested in skill-based games that require focus and calmness, Shooting World Cup-SWC is the right game for you. Even if you’ve never tried your hand at shooting sports, a few shots may make you change your mind and fall in love with this Olympic sport. The monthly and special international tournaments will pit you against other shooters and you can compare how well you’re doing.

SWC is free to download, with unlimited pellets in training mode which allows you to feel the game and decide if it’s the right game for you. Participating on a monthly tournament requires a one time payment of $2,99. The player then gets access to all future SWC tournaments (monthly or special) plus 1000 pellets. In addition to that, each shooter receives up to 50 pellets daily for free.

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Due to the feeling that SWC evokes in a person and it’s nice, polished look, the aforementioned one-time payment is definitely worth the experience.

Overall, Shooting World Cup is a great looking, unique and interesting game, but on the other hand it can get frustrating at times.

So prepare yourself, keep a level head, ready your air rifle and compare your shooting skills with other shooters in the world! Good luck!

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