Shoot ’em up and watch ’em explode games!

Sep 24, 2010

If you’re into this particular genre of bloody, explosive, loud war like games, check out these apps. You won’t be disappointed!

The BOMB! (FREE) – Can you disarm THE BOMB?

Since I don’t know anything about bombs, I found this app to be fascinating. I don’t know how realistic it is, but it’s fun to play. In the free version, there is only one bomb to disarm. Use the scissors, voltmeter, heat, and the hint tool to figure out which wires to cut. If you cut the wrong wires or run out of time, the building explodes.


Bloody Hell Lite

Tap the screen to shoot the targets as they walk by. You also have the ability to choose different weapons such as, pistols, grenades, and missiles. The best part of this app is the soundtrack. I’m pretty sure it’s Public Enemy.


iSniper 3D Lite

This is a very well-executed sniper game. It’s the closest I’ll ever get to being a sniper and to what I can imagine it feels like to look through a scope and shoot the enemy. I want to say this game is very realistic, but I wouldn’t know. It did satisfy all of my expectations and the sound effects are perfect.


Air Assault

I think this app has a very serious political sentiment. The intro explains that the U.S. invaded Afghanistan to defeat Al-Qaeda, but then once Al-Qaeda is defeated, the Russians have teamed up with Afghani forces to fight the U.S.? The game is fun and well designed, but the back-story should be noted.

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