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Aug 1, 2010

Between worrying if my cocktail dress is clean and why he hasn’t called since our date, life as a single woman can be full of disappointment, drinks and douche bags. I don’t know how I’d do it without my best friend. No not her, I mean my iPhone. iPhone always knows where the happy hours are, what I wore last Saturday and where to find parking so I don’t have to waste martini money on valets. Without the following eight apps I’d probably just give up and be a cat lady, thankfully instead they just have me maintaining as an ethical slut.

TabbedOut – Pay with your phone at restaurants and bars

I think my credit card has had more sleepovers than I did at age 14. It’s spent the night in half the bars in Austin after I staggered out and didn’t notice the gaping hole in my wallet until the next morning when I was trying to acquire a bit of the hair of the dog. With technology, this doesn’t have to happen. Tabbed Out is a Texas startup that allows you to open a tab and pay right from your phone.



When you put a lot of time, money and energy into dating, you want to know there’s going to be a payoff. You don’t want to already be in the bedroom half undressed when you find out he has a clown makeup fetish or likes assless leather chaps. Head incompatible kinks off at the pass with this app that is basically Bump, but an anonymous way to “boink” your phones and automatically see if you are sexually star crossed.


OkCupid Dating

Are we over the online dating stigma yet? Has eharmony gotten enough people married that those of us who just want to find a hot drinking buddy can do so using the internet and not feel like a sleaze bag? I hope so because I’m a big proponent of OkCupid, the website is great but the app is a swell translation. Best part, show off photos of the hot dude you went out with Friday to your girlfriends at brunch on Saturday. Worst part, due to the site’s “see who viewed your profile” ability, he’ll totally know you were showing him off.

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A Sexulator – Sex Calculator & Calendar

You know how you watch those Maury Povitch DNA testing “You ARE the father” episodes and wonder, how can these sluts have five different possible men as the daddy? don’t know? You don’t think that? Then this is probably the app for you. Plot all your sex partners on calendar days with an icon for what activity you did. It may not ensure you know who the daddy is but you’ll at least narrow it down a bit.


Period Tracker Lite

Feel like a broken typewriter? Missing a period (that’s how Rizzo describes it in Grease)? If you’re one of those people perpetually thinking your period is late, or even just one of those people who wants to make sure she isn’t on the rag when she goes off to Cabo, this app is for you. Keep tabs not only on when your period is coming around, but when you’re ovulating and the men at the clubs will be attracted to your pheromones like cat nip.



Some people remember their lives by the music they were listening to or the food they ate. I can remember the outfit I’ve worn on every first date, graduation, birthday..hell even every Monday. But as alcohol gets thrown into the mix and the number of suitors grows, sometimes its hard to avoid one of them seeing me in the same get up too often. With iWore, this doesn’t happen. Use your contact to mark who saw your fabulous outfit then upload it to Facebook so you can get everyone to stroke your ego. Like, like, like.

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There are those who are against animal cruelty or illegal immigration. I’m against paid and valet parking, I just think it’s cruel and unusual. So budget savvy sisters, let’s band together and start sharing these spots. We’re all in high heels, none of us want to walk past heckling losers at the dive bar and absolutely no one wants to drop a dollar on a spot when it could be on a shot. Use this app to flag your empty parking spot and find newly opened ones.



Craigslist missed connections is like so 2000. Seriously, I just can’t be bothered to longingly scroll through the spartan site looking for possible sightings, I’ve got nails to paint, cheap chardonnay to drink and True Blood to watch. Cut out all that browsing time by just checking through the places you have recently checked in at. This service from Foursquare hasn’t quite taken off yet and should really be mixed in with Foursquare proper, but still quite clever.


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