Sex and the City and four other movie apps now playing on your iPhone

May 26, 2010

An iPhone adapptation of a book by Sex and the City inspiration Candance Bushnell leads our list of new release movie applications. Additional new iPhone offerings should please fans of Bollywood, Charlie Chaplin and director Spike Jonze 

The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell ($14.99 iPhone)

Just in time for Sex and the City 2 to hit the big screen, here’s a coming of age book about the high school Carrie Bradshaw. This eBook app reveals more about Carrie and her adolescent adventures than any movie or television show could ever detail. There are other fun things about this app such as quizzes about Carrie and the iconic HBO series, video of the author Candice Bushnell and a preview of the next installment of this app/book series.

Die-hard fans of Sex and the City and the cosmopolitan lifestyles of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte should also check out these swanky iPhone apps.

Bollywood – The Pocket Essential Guide ($7.99 iPad )

This iPad app reveals everything you ever wanted to know about the Bollywood film industry, which entertains more than one billion movie lovers in India. The popularity of Bollywood films is spreading across the globe thanks to the success of Slumdog Millionaire. While the Oscar-winning motion picture wasn’t exactly a Bollywood type of film, it did focus on India, its culture and its film industry.

Twenty five major Bollywood films are examined in an interesting and informative manner in this book app. Also examined are the Bollywood star system and musical scores that are hallmarks of the industry. The app also points you to information about recent Bollywood hits, as well as theaters where you can find them.

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SlickFlick (Free iPhone)

This simple app lets you peruse movie titles from Netflix even if you aren’t a Netflix member. If you are a member, then you can connect to your account and view your queues for shipping DVDs as well as your instant viewing queue. You can even add/remove titles, and change their shipment order which is very handy.

Charlie Chaplin Video Wall ($2.99 iPhone)

This is an excellent way to experience nine full-length movie shorts starring the legendary tramp, Charlie Chaplin. Just tap and play each one. It’s amazing how funny Chaplin still is after all these decades. It’s a true testament to his classic comedy that his finest works can now literally play on in your pocket. Included in this collection are Caught in a CabaretMabel’s Busy DayThe Rounders.

(RED) Lazarus Effect for iPad (Free iPad)

Brought to you by writer/director Spike Jonze (AdaptationWhere the Wild Things Are), here’s an inspirational and hopefully motivational documentary that clearly demonstrates the incredible life-saving effects that medicine can have on AIDS patients in Africa for a mere .40 cents per day. Directed by documentary filmmaker Lance Bangs, this hand-crafted app shares the stories of four HIV-positive people and the impact that these low-cost drugs can have on lives. Also included besides the film are photos of the beautiful people from this devastated region of the world, as well as a celebrity campaign featuring many famous faces as they do their best to get you to pitch in and help the Global Fund organization. This is an excellent app for a most worthy cause.

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