Sew Easy

Jul 17, 2010

On July 17th, 1790 the sewing machine was patented. Two HUNDRED and twenty years later we have apps to help us use it. Amazing when you think about it.

SewingTube – the sewing video lounge

There’s no app that will make your iPhone into a sewing machine but at least this can help you learn more about how to sew. Filled with great videos this app will help you go from sticking yourself with pins to making actual projects.


iGuides – Sewing for Beginners

First you have to actually buy a sewing machine and this app has a section for that. Also terms so you can understand those videos and look like a smarty pants when you go in to shop.


iLocate – Fabric, Sewing Supplies & Notions

Need to find fabric to feed your addiction? Yup, this is the app for that!


Fabric Stash

Keep your entire stash of fabric in your phone so you can see what you have and buy what you need. Especially useful for those who use the application below.


Quick & Easy Quilt Block Tool

If you get into sewing you may just get into quilting and while a book or pattern may be how you start, this app can help you advance your craft.


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