Setting Up Musical Quizzes with SongBand

Jan 28, 2017

Trivia games have now become one of the most popular means of passing time in an educational and entertaining setting. Deviating from traditional games on the App Store that requires less critical thinking such as action or puzzle games, this category enables individuals to apply the knowledge that they have acquired in a way that is engaging and entertaining. This notion of providing entertainment in a process that facilitates learning is reflected in the release of many trivial games which often features interesting questions and brain teasers, allowing players from a wide demographic to test their knowledge on a range of topics from movies, music, pictures, sports, and much more. SongBand, a quickly growing trivia game, is one such app that is perfect for individuals who are interested in showcasing their trivial skills while exercising their brain in a game-style environment.

Developed by Kikiwa, SongBand provides its users with the opportunity to both make and play music games simultaneously. In creating a platform-like game where players are able to make, share, and play music quizzes, SongBand does not limit players to simply consuming the game, but also to exercise their creativity by creating content for others to enjoy. This aspect is one which highly differentiates the app from competing games revolving around the notion of music (e.g. Guess The Song Game, SongPop) as SongBand enables for users to create quizzes using songs already downloaded on their device. Beyond this, quizzes developed by other players can similarly be accessed to widen the number of song games available.

The various game modes include single play, picture single play, speed match, picture speed match, item battle, and picture item battle. In each case, users can either play to test their skills or compete with others around the world for various prizes. Through adding a competitive component to the game, SongBand features a social aspect that draws users to battle one another for various items. Providing music enthusiasts with an opportunity to both test their knowledge as well as create challenges for others, the number of possible quizzes are nearly endless as the games are user generated as opposed to remaining solely the job of the developers.

SongBand Preview

This is a preview video of SongBand, a music quiz game in iOS.

However, a flaw lays in the fact that users are unable to make songs downloaded from iTunes Match or Apple Music as a quiz. For those whose music library primarily consists of songs from these sources, downloading music from other means is required in order to make the quiz. Furthermore, while it is not absolutely necessary to create quizzes in order to enjoy the game, the process of creating them unlocks coins which can be used to acquire additional topics and items. In this way, users are encouraged to create their own quizzes which can be time consuming.

As an engaging trivia game, SongBand is an excellent pastime for those who are particularly interested in music games. Similar to other trivia games in that it provides players with the opportunity to exercise their knowledge on a specific topic, the game further enables for players to create their own content as to provide an endless variety of possible quizzes.

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