Send Current Location in an Emergency

Oct 8, 2011

Location Services is one of the hottest iPhone features today. There are a lot of location sharing apps; mostly for social sharing and tracking purposes. My intention is to pick simple apps that can send your current location in an emergency in the shortest time.

SOS Pro – Emergency Location Tracker

This one is a new kid in the block and i like it because of its pure simplicity. Its able to send SMS & Email containing your current location to multiple contacts with just one touch. It can also place a call.


iSOS! GPS – Emergency Locator

Similar app to SOS-Pro, Sends SMS & Email. SOS-Pro Scores over iSOS for its one touch SOS feature, Call a contact feature & much better UI


Silent Bodyguard – Your Personal Panic Button

Again an app that does almost the same things as SOS-Pro & iSOS but it has a very tacky UI & is $9.00 heavier than both the apps above.


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