See into the Future! Fortune Telling Apps

Dec 2, 2010

Who doesn’t wish they could take a peak into their futures? These fortune telling apps can help you do just that!

Real Tarot

Buying this app will allow you to access wide variety of tarot fortune telling ways. You can ask a question or select from different categories. This is a fun app because you can also learn how to read the real cards and be the Madam Zola of the party!


Crystal Ball

With this Crystal Ball app you ask the gods a question and then rub the ball to find the answer. A fun app to have and free!


Good Fortune Cookie With Lucky Numbers

Fortune Cookie fun without MSG! Read fun missives about your future as well as a list of lucky numbers for that winning lottery ticket!


Fortune Teller Zoltar

This is a beautifully rendered app of Zoltar the fortune teller. You select a category that your question is about and Zoltar then tells you what the future holds. The only downside is there is no text for the fortunes, only audio, so if you are hearing challenged as I am, the future will remain a mystery!


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