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Apr 16, 2010

If you’re looking to go to one of the major universities in Seattle then these apps will help you. That said, I’m sure there’s more (or should be) so please add to this list in the comments section. Let’s help these students APP UP!


Why did they not have this app when I was going to the UW? The campus map alone would have been worth it but add to that events (and there’s always so many it’s hard to keep track) and course listings and I’m sold. If you’re a sports fan then you can keep track of these too (though what Huskies fan doesn’t commit this stuff to memory the second the schedule is posted?)



You’re a student. You take the bus. And with Seattle traffic it’s nice to know when it’s actually coming. Have this app, it’s free and makes bussing it easy.


Seattle Pacific University Map

It’s a map. It tells you where you are on campus and locates you. It has a smart search to allow you to search for campus locations. If you’re going to Seattle Pacific then certainly the 99 cents would be worth it. Not nearly as full featured as the UW app but, well, I’ll leave it at that before we have a full on school war!


KING 5 Seattle

I don’t know why I like the King 5 app the best but I just do. I’ll be honest, I get my news from twitter but I love having this app for weather and traffic and certainly if you’re a student you’ll probably want both. Need to know if you should bring a rain jacket or wear shorts? This app has you covered.

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