Aug 27, 2010

On August 29th, 1934 the first Boy Scout Camp opened. Now an iconic symbol of boyhood there are actually apps for that. Hopefully you’re boyscout got his “responsibility with expensive electronic devices” prior to you giving him the phone with these apps!

The Boy Scout Handbook

Yup, THE book for every scout right here on your phone so you can read all about first aid, adventure, leadership, citizenship and all the other great qualities required of a scout.


My Badges – Troop Badges Personal Edition

Track your merit badges and more importantly learn what it takes to earn that badge you don’t have…. all from your phone.


Knot Guide (100+ knots)

Well, any good scout can tie a knot. A good knot. A perfect knot for any occasion. And here’s the app to make that knowledge accessible to the rest of us.


eBook: The Boy Scouts Book of Campfire Stories

Why would anyone be a scout or go camping without a campfire story? Just in case you missed the stories when you were a kid you can now have them right on your phone!


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