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Apr 9, 2010

The iPhone apps I actually use to track spending, save money and make purchases.

iXpenseIt (Expense + Income = Cashflow with Budget)

This helps me track my spending, is easy to use, and gives me monthly reports. Despite this smartphone age I use a lot of cash. This helps me know where it’s going.


Mint: Money Manager, Budget & Personal Finance

This is great. A free app, a free web tool, and I can check all the details on my credit card spending, the status and details of my bank accounts, even my Scottrade account.


Pageonce Pro – Money & Bills

I use the paid app, though the free one should be tried first. I do a lot of shopping online and this app helps me keep track of the many and varied passwords and online identities.


PortfolioLive – Stock Quotes / Market Data

There are many apps to choose from to follow stocks, buy/sell, and analyze the market. This is my favorite because it’s easy to set up porfolios, lets you buy/sell through the app ($10), offers robust industry news and stock charts.


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