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May 20, 2010

I admit it. I eat out a lot. These days I just don’t have time to cook as much as I’d like. That said eating out is expensive so I’ve gone fishing for some money saving apps to help ease the pain of needing someone else to make me food. Here’s the list of the best and a few not so great (for me at least!)

Groupon – Deals, Coupons & Shopping: Discounts on Local Restaurants, Events, Hotels, Yoga & Spas

If you’re like me and eat out at all this app is worth having. You basically get 50% or more off your purchases on whatever daily coupon they happen to have. I mainly use the app so I don’t have to print out the groupon but for that purpose alone it’s worth it.


LivingSocial – Deals on Restaurants, Spas, Hotels, Concerts and more

Same idea as groupon but with different deals. Yes, I eat out enough to have both of these!


Coupon Clipper: Local Coupons + Deals

Um, so yeah, the app says LOCAL Coupons but when I enter in restaurants for my area it comes up with something in Connecticut which, according to the app, is a short 28.6 miles from Seattle, Washington. I tried entering in my location by zip and got the same thing. To Connecticut for dinner! Um. No.


Coupon Sherpa: Free Coupons & Shopping App

Well, it at least comes up with places in Seattle but as for food I seriously doubt I’m going to be eating at Chuck E Cheese’s any time soon. Definitely not an app for those who want to eat local but if you do frequent chain fast food this would work for you.


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