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Sep 9, 2016

I was planning to install a weather forecast application to my iPhone, because it is always good to know if it is going to rain. I must admit, I chose Sasha Weather because of the cat. However, what I found out was far more attracting than a kitty.

First of all, I was able to use this app as soon as I uploaded it on my phone. It was very clear, yet lovely, understandable, yet professional. I did not get useless data about moon state or the position of Sagitarius, but I found what I wanted and even more.

I use weather apps quite often since I use a bike to commute, which means at least 45 minutes of pedaling outside – so knowing if there’s going to be a storm is vital to me. My greatest problem with these apps is that they either too complicated to tell me the truth (the sentence “low air pressure is expected” does not tell me if I should choose a tram instead of riding home), or they are not accurate enough to help me to go without the risk of getting soaking wet.

Sasha app is, however a good compromise. It is able to tell a lot of useful information, for example a hourly weather and precipitation forecast, which is a useful and reliable in most of the time. It also gives me information about RealFeel, which helps a lot when you try to guess what to wear in the morning.

The app has animated icons to show you the weather, so I proudly show this clever little thing to my friends when they ask for info. It is also a good thing that the icons can be red at one glance – it is very cool to check the temperature without having a long interruption at work.

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I had never thought of using a wind checker before a violently windy afternoon. I was pedaling home when the stormy air caught me, and my 40-minute ride took in fact 70 minutes at that time. I was curious about the wind speed, and Sasha was able to tell me. Since then, I often check it to avoid trouble with my bike.

I really like having a glance at my Sasha and trying to guess what the weather will look like during the day. This is more useful that it first sounds: as I can check the actual weather, than compare my perceptions to Sasha’s data, I learn to predict the weather unnoticed. I just have realized that I can answer the question “Is there a storm coming?” more confidently, because I sort of learnt to read the sings of the sky and the nature.

There is one feature I barely use, but I would recommend for everyone who lives in a distant relationship or has emotional connections to a distant city. With Sasha Weather it is possible to track the weather of your favorite cities – it is always nice to see if there is sun over your loved one. The app can tell snow depth as well but I must admit I used this feature only to spy a bit for my friends who were at an Austrian ski holiday.

Although I mostly enjoy using Sasha Weather because of my crazy little things, this app takes everything very seriously, when it comes to the technical side. This app is compatible with almost all my Apple gadgets, even with my old iPhone with iOS 8.0. It works fast, but I do not feel unnecessary growth in battery use. There is a lovely little widget in the app, but it does not cause any trouble on my device, even though it refreshes automatically.

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To tell the truth, I would recommend Sasha Weather to anyone who wants a cute, yet useful weather widget. It provides a help in planning the day, and it is also a reliable mate when you are on your way from one point to another. It’s a practical, well coded applet in a cute costume.

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