SAS Pudong

Jan 17, 2011

Collecting favorite apps for our staff at Shanghai American School, Pudong Campus in Shanghai, China


Good game for kids to play in Homebase classes and English classes.


myHomework Student Planner

Great way for kids (and teachers) to stay organized



Also have this game in the iPad version. Create words from a given set of letters.



Record your voice and add tags, a picture, geolocations and export it to your computer and/or website



From spelling words, create quiz where you write it, type it, say the word, use it in a sentence. Take the quiz you create and keep track of your progress.


Math Minute

Practice math facts in under one minute.


Pleco Chinese Dictionary

Fabulous Chinese dictionary that has an add-on (in app purchase) that uses the camera in your device to instantly scan, read and translate Chinese characters you see. (OCR)


Questia Research

A library search engine that gives you access to library publications.


Speak it! Text to Speech

You speak, it types it and you can even save it as an audio file!


Rowmote Pro: Remote Control for Mac

Rowmote goes beyond just controlling a Keynote presentation. Use your device as your clicker for anywhere on your computer screen. Great if you are standing across the room!


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