Sarah’s Favorite Apps – August 2010

Aug 25, 2010

My 10 year old daughter’s favorite iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad apps as of August 2010.

Sally’s Spa

“You get to have your own spa. You have to deal with impatient customers, you have to buy things, and you have a budget.”


Cooking Mama Seasons Pro

“You get to cook and cooking is one of my hobbies.”


Mancala: FS5

“Mancala is my favorite board game, and this one can be played on the go. I learned about this game from school when we studied African cultures.”



“You get to pick who you marry, how many kids you’ll have, a pet, your car, etc.”


Waterslide Extreme

“It is a waterslide in the city, and there are things you have to dodge. You can earn points for getting stars.”


Doodle Jump

“It is fun and you get to have your little dude go up and up and up. I’ve almost beat my brother’s record!”



“You have to make a water sprinkler system and you only have two minutes to do it.”


IMDb Movies & TV

“I like looking up celebrities.”


Runway Free

“You get to take planes and take them to get passengers, get gas, and get them in before you have too many planes.”


Cooking Quest Lite

“It is a scavenger hunt for restaurants.”


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