San Francisco Apps!

May 28, 2011

Whether you’re a visitor or a native, these apps will help you navigate the city and let you in on all the cool points of interests and local spots!

San Francisco Way

This app shows you anything you could possibly think of in San Francisco. Once you choose your query, this app will pull up all the choices nearest to you and give you the necessary information you’ll need to get there or contact them. A good solid app!


SF Weekly City App

This app brings SF weekly to your phone and breaks down all the cool happenings in the city in areas of interests. You’ll never have to worry about not having something interesting to do if you’re armed with this app!


SF Arts Guide

This spiffy app elaborates on all the cultural events and places in San Francisco. You can look up by “Today’s Events” or by area of interest. The descriptions also give you an indication of if indeed the event is something you fancy at the moment. A must have if you’re in SF!


Time Shutter Lite

This gem of an app geotags old pictures and postcards in San Francisco. The idea is to take your own picture and compare now and then. Great activity if you’re at a loss for what to do!


Transporter: Real-time Public Transit Designed for the Bay Area

If you’re navigationally challenged as a pedestrian such as I, then please download this app if you’re in the Bay area. A complete time saver!


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