Jan 28, 2012

Have you ever thought about dancing salsa? Ever want to give it a try from the comfort of your own living room before you venture out into the wide world? These apps will help you determine if this dance is for you.


Even if you don’t want to learn Salsa there’s no reason not to try this app. Not only will it give you moves for either guys or gals but you can incorporate some of this into any of your current moves on the dance floor. Plus with a free app why wouldn’t you give this a try?


Salsa for free

You won’t get everything with this free app but you will get started. The 3D version gives you a feel for what a step should look like from all angles and the footprint portion keeps your feet in the right place. Yet another good free app to get your groove on when you go out.


Salsa Free

Different spin. With this app you get actual videos. You learn with the pros!


Salsa Clubs

So now that you’re a pro use this app to find places to show off your booty shaking moves!


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